Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our first Artist's Studio

Gathered together as evening darkness set-in. We discussed what had brought us here, what had gone before and what we hoped laid in the future.

Brown felt letters were carefully lifted out of a container and stitched onto a mustard bedspread. 'C' worked away, at times checking her sheet of paper – she is working towards an exhibition. 

For others it was about exploring the art supplies I had brought. There was water-colour paints, pastels (chalk and oil) and charcoal. A significant moment from the week was a good place to start. What 'stokes and marks' reflect this moment? There was much discovery, discussion, connections and exploration. 

At times we chatted, other times there was quietness of speech - music and creativity filling the space.

"Can we meet like this every night?" was heard said. I resonated with this – it was a lovely space. 

'C2' propped her large canvas up on two little chairs. With a palette knife bright orange and yellow hues brought to life a vibrant sky. 

8:30 came to quickly as we needed to pack up and head for home.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing all again in a months time.

Post Artist's Studio and what I love about neighbourhood communities
The next day one of the artist's walked into a local cafe, where I sat. It was lovely to see her. We both expressed how much we had enjoyed the evening before. She told me that one part (a section she had focused on by cutting it out) of her painted piece she plans to represent in glass, as she is a glass artist. She hopes to bring the glass piece to next months group. This sounds so wonderful and I can't wait to see what emerges...

The Artist's Studio at Sussex Neighbourhood House is open to all who wish to explore their creativity. It is a monthly group, meeting on the second Monday of each month. Contact the House 9354 2210 to book a place. Our next gathering 13 August.