Saturday, August 25, 2012

What does it hold today

A big thank you to Kim Fox who held the space for my Creative Kids group in August.

For my birthday I received a beautiful, white, smooth ceramic vase from close friends. I often look at it during a day and wonder what it holds (metaphorically), for me at the time. I shared this with Kim and she took this concept, examples of bowls made by her daughter, plus two Tibetan singing bowls, to Sussex Neighbourhood House. 

Kim tells me that they discussed bowls as containers and invited the CKs to journal about this. They then considered the intentions of 'their bowls', which would be crafted out of clay - what would it hold?

There were bowls to hold wishes, hopes and dreams, life.
 For this artist it was to be a bowl to remember his country.

One bowl held memories - different size holes for different size memories. 

Thanks Kim.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy 21st Sussex Neighbourhood House

A 21st birthday party. What to give? What to make? 

I introduce the Creative Kids to paste-ups and wonder if we can craft our gifts to Sussex Neighbourhood House, in this medium.

Tomorrow is a tea party.

What better than a tea cup,


lots of cakes. 

lots and lots of cakes.

The gift of ones own art
(this artist's own character)

A suitable card,

a couple of favourite things,


and a secret door, with a key to the secret. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Artist's Studio gathers, I reflect

Our second Artist's Studio. 

New tunes from Nervous Doll Dancing play quietly in the background. I listen to Francesca Mountfort's cello bow creating a flowing, delicate sound, I watch the fibers on 'H's brush on a small piece of canvas mirroring the sound. It is beautiful. The light blue water colour pigment brings what I hear visually alive. It is mesmerizing. She continues to exploration the materials and her story. It's like heading on a journey where the map magically shifts and changes before our eyes.  

C2 and her pregnant lady take up their position in the room. The vibrant orange sky is strong and powerful – yet not overpowering. Such a lovely photo captured by our manager Suzanne before she leaves. The only thing missing is the orange. I wish you could see it's intensity – it brightens up a night sky.

'C' starts her new project, for another exhibition. We chat lightly and seriously about her shows possible theme. We laugh. We talk of possible characters yet holding back, not defining as she awaits their emergence from her hands. Sitting in known themes, yet so unknown. What a wondrous place to be. 

I missed the presence of 'L' and 'H', hopefully they can join us next month – 'L' we know you missed us too. We have room for more and would love to welcome you all on board.  

The Artist's Studio at Sussex Neighbourhood House is open to all who wish to explore their creativity. It is a monthly group, meeting on the second Monday of each month. Contact the House 9354 2210 to book a place. Our next gathering 10 September.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Open-studio style for creative kids

Paint, paper, finishing animal totems, journals and extra floorboard off-cuts 
open studio 
you choose! 

What a fun time we had. 
Lots of paper, gifted to us from MIECAT to us (thank you!) and many stories told. 

The olympics were in the minds of many artists.
This one being the Australian rowing team. 

Two artists created a basketball court - complete with ball. 

I came to know that animals were important to one of our new artists.

Another told me all about Star Wars and the characters 
- which was good because they have certainly changed from what I remember.

There was experimentation of materials. 

Some quiet drawing. 

And messages of farewell to our amazing volunteer Steph. 

Farewell Steph, we will miss you and thank you so much for everything!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supportive animals

As I sat watching the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympiad, I was left thinking about our intentions in life, of doing our best to reach a certain goal. Sometimes we reach that goal, and sometimes it slips out of our reach. The athletes entered the stadium, proudly representing their countries, what an exciting, hyped-up time. I thought of the Creative Kids in my group, who I was about to go see. I wondered what support they might want in times of celebration and in commiseration.

I offered my thoughts to the group when they arrived. Some had watched the opening ceremony too, all   were studying athletes or the history of the Olympics at school in some way. They told me that there were just not enough medals to go around.

I then introduced them to the idea of an animal totem. An animal which is special to you in some way. It might be an animal you see when you walk in the park, your favourite, one you dream of often or the one you are most attracted to when you see a picture or drawing of it. Once each animal was held in a CK's mind, I asked them to think about 'what their animal would say to them when things went well' and also 'what would their animal say to them when things didn't go so well'. These messages were written on small pieces of board (floor boards off-cuts from my neighbours renovations). Gesso was then painted over the messages, known only to the artist and the animal!

Their animals were then painted over the gesso, onto the board.

There was an eagle. 
Which reminded me of the Aboriginal story of Bunjil the Eagle, 
the creator of mountains, plants and rivers.

A unicorn, 



and a guinea pig called bubbles. 
A much loved family pet who is no longer with us. 

So there you have it, individual messages of support, dipped in paint and held in paws and claws. 
I hope it all goes well.