Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supportive animals

As I sat watching the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympiad, I was left thinking about our intentions in life, of doing our best to reach a certain goal. Sometimes we reach that goal, and sometimes it slips out of our reach. The athletes entered the stadium, proudly representing their countries, what an exciting, hyped-up time. I thought of the Creative Kids in my group, who I was about to go see. I wondered what support they might want in times of celebration and in commiseration.

I offered my thoughts to the group when they arrived. Some had watched the opening ceremony too, all   were studying athletes or the history of the Olympics at school in some way. They told me that there were just not enough medals to go around.

I then introduced them to the idea of an animal totem. An animal which is special to you in some way. It might be an animal you see when you walk in the park, your favourite, one you dream of often or the one you are most attracted to when you see a picture or drawing of it. Once each animal was held in a CK's mind, I asked them to think about 'what their animal would say to them when things went well' and also 'what would their animal say to them when things didn't go so well'. These messages were written on small pieces of board (floor boards off-cuts from my neighbours renovations). Gesso was then painted over the messages, known only to the artist and the animal!

Their animals were then painted over the gesso, onto the board.

There was an eagle. 
Which reminded me of the Aboriginal story of Bunjil the Eagle, 
the creator of mountains, plants and rivers.

A unicorn, 



and a guinea pig called bubbles. 
A much loved family pet who is no longer with us. 

So there you have it, individual messages of support, dipped in paint and held in paws and claws. 
I hope it all goes well.

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