Monday, August 13, 2012

Artist's Studio gathers, I reflect

Our second Artist's Studio. 

New tunes from Nervous Doll Dancing play quietly in the background. I listen to Francesca Mountfort's cello bow creating a flowing, delicate sound, I watch the fibers on 'H's brush on a small piece of canvas mirroring the sound. It is beautiful. The light blue water colour pigment brings what I hear visually alive. It is mesmerizing. She continues to exploration the materials and her story. It's like heading on a journey where the map magically shifts and changes before our eyes.  

C2 and her pregnant lady take up their position in the room. The vibrant orange sky is strong and powerful – yet not overpowering. Such a lovely photo captured by our manager Suzanne before she leaves. The only thing missing is the orange. I wish you could see it's intensity – it brightens up a night sky.

'C' starts her new project, for another exhibition. We chat lightly and seriously about her shows possible theme. We laugh. We talk of possible characters yet holding back, not defining as she awaits their emergence from her hands. Sitting in known themes, yet so unknown. What a wondrous place to be. 

I missed the presence of 'L' and 'H', hopefully they can join us next month – 'L' we know you missed us too. We have room for more and would love to welcome you all on board.  

The Artist's Studio at Sussex Neighbourhood House is open to all who wish to explore their creativity. It is a monthly group, meeting on the second Monday of each month. Contact the House 9354 2210 to book a place. Our next gathering 10 September.

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