Saturday, August 25, 2012

What does it hold today

A big thank you to Kim Fox who held the space for my Creative Kids group in August.

For my birthday I received a beautiful, white, smooth ceramic vase from close friends. I often look at it during a day and wonder what it holds (metaphorically), for me at the time. I shared this with Kim and she took this concept, examples of bowls made by her daughter, plus two Tibetan singing bowls, to Sussex Neighbourhood House. 

Kim tells me that they discussed bowls as containers and invited the CKs to journal about this. They then considered the intentions of 'their bowls', which would be crafted out of clay - what would it hold?

There were bowls to hold wishes, hopes and dreams, life.
 For this artist it was to be a bowl to remember his country.

One bowl held memories - different size holes for different size memories. 

Thanks Kim.

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