Saturday, October 20, 2012

Melbourne on a spring day

On Friday's I work with a lovely young woman, companioning her in exploring 'the artistry of life'. During our time together we head out and about, finding places in and around the city that add to our experiencing. We notice art around us and find welcoming cafes where drawings can be made and poetry formed. We like to discover new places but also have our favourites. We make friends with some lovely people.

I thought I would share some of our gems, we quietly come across with you. Here are yesterday's...

Wandering down Hanover Street, Fitzroy, calming down after risen tempers at tram door closure incident, this installation piece was a refreshing sight.
Turning the street corner to discover a new cafe - Argos Loves Company.
Wonderful food and very allowing of our 'spreading out' and 'sitting time'.
I also liked the environment, quite homely, yet fresh and rich in texture.
Gorgeous cutlery!


  1. Hey Amanda
    I like what you are doing with looking and seeing.I thought of two things after reading a book by Justin Paton (curator ChCh Art Gallery) How to look at a Painting it is very cool. And this blog I discovered the other day..she draws cool animals etc from random blobs she hunts out out on the street may like:)

  2. Thanks again Kat, I will look into Justin's book - sounds interesting. Can you send me the link of the 'random blob drawings', I would love to see.