Monday, October 15, 2012

Message flower in bloom

A few weeks back I received an email from a friend with numerous images of art-making ideas, using recycled items. An image of flowers made out of printed pages took my interest.

My apologizes to the original creator, I don't have your details to credit you. However, thank you. 

What I was interested in was not only the form, but the material. In the past I have found the process of 'blocking out words' (this will become clear as you read on) from pre-existing print to be very insightful. 

So I began by cutting petal shapes out of an old newspaper. 

Next, with gouache I blocked out words and phrases, 
but highlighted words that interested me (by not colouring them). 

I did not think too hard about which ones to choose – simply those that I wanted, stayed. 

Once dry I stitched petals into shape and then together, to form my flower. 
I preferred the idea of stitching rather than glue.

Then I noted down the highlighted words, that I could see. 

Here planning joined meet heritage collaboration the planet excuse kitchen cupboard people want to know for sure shocked chemical years because sustainable doing the right thing local shut no sense large volumes potentially moving homes retain hand taken want lock the gate land

It was interesting to notice what message was emerging from my work, from the words. I recognised the topic, it was connected to my concern for the environment. However it wasn't until I took the words into poetic form that it started to make more sense, to me. 

Kitchen cupboard people
doing the right thing,
want to know.
Large volumes
potentially moving 
the planet.

Chemical years
no sense, excuse.
Lock the gate shut.

Retain hand, heritage, land.
Want local, 
Because sustainable homes
for sure
meet – joined.

For me it was a lovely reminder of returning to some of the 'old ways' in our homes. Less chemicals, growing veges, buying local, connecting with our neighbours. Working together to create more sustainable homes and lifestyles.

That was the reminder for me. If you could like to see what message is in a flower you create, then please join me at the next Artist's Studio (Nov 12th). There is no magic just the beauty of art nurturing what matters.

The monthly Artist's Studio at Sussex Neighbourhood House is open to all. Be supported through a focused project (November = the 'message flower') or bring your own project to work on. $20 per session. 6:30-8:30pm. To book call 9354 2210. 

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