Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zen drawings and journal sketchbooks

Creative Kids return for term 4!

We begin with 'zen drawings', in our case this morning it was zen doodling. With an ink pen, either pink or blue in hue and a piece of A4 paper we sat quietly and focused on wherever the piece took us. Shapes and lines filled the page, one influencing the other. The CKs requested relaxing music, which was a very good choice - as the mood around the table was very calm and 'very zen'.

Next we started on our main activity for the day, creating our journals. Each term, each CK has a journal that they can start or end the session with - or use anytime in between. These are normally used for free drawings, for reflection or as a place to explore materials. This term their focus is a little different. Inspired by the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library our journals will become sketchbooks, and hold a theme. The creative forming of the books can be worked on in class, or at home also.

I selected a few images from the Sketchbook Project online gallery to show. This was very inspiring. Many ideas were aired.

We talk through the materials available, including some blank and lined, loose leaf pages (with holes). Thanks to my friend Liz (chair of the Neighbourhood House) for the generous stationery donations! There was also coloured paper, magazines, fabric, paint, pencils and threads.

Today's 'mission' was to make a start on the books by creating a cover, selecting internal pages (how many sheets of paper / pages would you need?) and explore how it would be bound.

Gouache was painted on fabric.
Watercolour pencils and grey lead were popular.
Different textures and a handmade stencil with paint
(Thanks Chiara for the paint donation at the end of last term, the pink was perfect!)
Many themes started to emerge.
I look forward to seeing these books fill-up. We also discussed the possibility of exhibiting them at the end of the year. Wouldn't that be good! A great start to our last term of the year.

There is one spot left in the group. Please contact Alex at Sussex Neighbourhood House on 9354 2210 to book, we do like a full House.



  1. I'd love to see an exhibition at the end of the year. And glad to see the pink in action:)

  2. Positive feedback about an exhibition, thanks Chiara. We'll certainly give it more thought and let everyone know. The pink was great, again thank you.