Saturday, November 17, 2012

Colours flow with water - part 1

For the past two weeks the Creative Kids group have explored the beauty and challenges of watercolour. To be honest and fair I was quite surprised that the challenges were few. If any were stumbled upon they were met with creative integrity and not so much of a rumble of works being 'ruined'. Which I was very pleased about, opening up the work to individuality and exploration.
This first week began with views from a far. Landscapes - mountains, trees, flowers, bush, water, nature... Were all identified by the CKs as possible elements to include.
Working on easels with paper pre-setup on boards we began with the sky. Then as a way to explore the technique of wax resistance we drew in the by the land with a crayon. Then it was over to the CKs to form their landscapes.
There were apple trees...
And weeds popping up. New effects were also tried such as using the end of the paintbrush to 'scratch-in' to the paper. Used here for the weed stalks and to depict the flow in the river.
It was a delight to see this work take shape - I wish I had progression photos. It began as daytime with a sunrise, then with gentle removal of colour, with tissue, the day turned into a starry night. Truly beautiful.
One of my other artists had just returned from Italy. She asked if she could paint the sea, as it reminded her of her time there. What a special piece and such a lovely way to hold memories and time.
With landscapes complete we moved to a more free flowing abstract piece. I really wanted to CKs to explore the quality and nature of watercolours. This time we worked on wet paper.
Even though the works were 'unplanned', when we stepped back from the works we saw stories emerge from the works. We could all see a dancing figure in this artists work. Can you?
This artist went back to her landscape work and added some of the new techniques she had been exploring in her abstract piece - splattering! As I held it up, 'looking again', the splatters appeared like little fairies. There was a flurry of excitement. In agreement, she returned to the easel to form up the fairies in more detail.
Some artists simply enjoyed trying different things, that they may not normally. Such as using more water to blend colours and trying different stroke forms.
A discussion at the end of the session revealed that the CKs enjoyed creating the abstract forms most - it was fun. They also liked the wet paper. Personally it was great to see them explore the materials and take an exploratory approach to their art making.

Stay tuned for part 2...

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