Saturday, November 3, 2012

Portraits of home

Mixed media is now a few weeks into term and it's a focused view on our end of the year exhibition. This year we are joining forces with the creative movement and dance group to present a creative arts extravaganza.

First up a major project - portraits inspired by home. To begin we spent one evening gathering together images, which reminded us of 'home' cut out of magazines. This might of been actually images of things we liked, or selected colours and textures which felt homely, or words which held the spirit of home. The room was a buzz with talk and trade of items - food was a very popularly homely image. Then it was a case of creating a 'mood board' to get a feel for what home means, or represents.

The following week these mood boards were the inspiration for the paintings. 

With some timely luck my neighbour had a new bookcase made that week and I noticed the builder stacking nice square, flat off-cuts in her driveway. After checking she was fine for me to collect, we used some as our canvas. A quick sand and a coat of gesso and they were transformed into lovely boards, ready for paint. Some stretched canvas recently donated to the group was also used. As in any group there is a preference to size, the artists were invited to pick the one that most suited them.

Each moodboard was placed on the table, alongside the canvas.
Images or look & feel became the access points – a place to begin, to be inspired by.  

A very delicious looking chocolate strawberry sweet was the way into this painting. 

This artist's mood board was full of multi colours - reflected in the work. 

The composed...

and the abstract. 

All great works and very pleasing to see artist's focused on their individual pieces. The flow of process was exceedingly present, I believe mostly due to individual selection and image ownership. No 'I can't do it' comments, but plenty of smiling, proud faces by the end of the night.

I look forward to seeing them in full glory at the exhibition / performance. 10th December – save the date! 

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