Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Puzzling Rabbits - a puzzle no longer

Some weeks back these little rabbits and their carrots appeared on the fence at Sussex Neighbourhood House. With much curiosity our Manager emailed the address (on the carrot) to say thank you and to find out more. What we received back was an invitation to reclaim our lost creativity.

So with copies of the puzzled rabbit template each, the Creative Kids set about answering all the questions raised, by Peta Bunny. We won't spoil it for you (incase you want to participate in the project) but needless to say the individual rabbits depict things of importance and identity.
The rabbits took us two weeks to complete, with a break and another activity in-between.
Sewing and making things with textiles is very important to this artist. So naturally woollen pieces and a bit of stitching was a must!
More stitching...
Words and colours represented important people and events.
A little book for reading. Word and colours for family.
Family and rainbows (an elephant, a missed pet and a favourite colour were added the following week).
Each rabbit was then photographed and sent to Peta Rabbit, with personal messages.


Some lovely carrots were also crafted and sent.

Peta Rabbit has responded to each email. So I look forward to delivering those to the CKs this week.

Thank you Peta for bringing some creative excitement to our neighbourhood. It's great!



  1. Great! I keep spotting these puzzling rabbits around the place and it gives me a little boost of creative joy even when I'm going about other tasks ;)

  2. I completely agree Chiara - plus I get a real childlike, wondrous excitement. It's brilliant. The CKs heard back from Peta Bunny who asked if they could use the CK rabbits in some work. There were a lot of smiling faces and big nods YES. Just checking with Mums and Dads now. Looks like the creative joy will continue!