Friday, February 15, 2013

Creative Kids 2013

The first day back at Creative Kids 2013 was rather exciting. I had a whole new group to meet and a new volunteer (Emily). All this newness called for new artist journals too. A big thank you to my Mum and Dad who patiently helped me remove the backing off curtain fabric samples and trimmed the edges to make covers. I had been home (in NZ) for a couple of weeks prior to the Saturday morning class so their help was greatly appreciated!

We began the day by meeting each other - by name and by telling the group one of our favourite things. One of my favourite warm-ups where you say your name, your favourite thing, then the person next to you reintroduces you and your favourite thing, then their name and favourite thing, until we have made it all the way around the group. We delighted in connecting with others in shared favourites - such as likes of chocolate, animals, flowers and fairies.

This theme of favourites continued into the journals. For a start the front page needed to be personalised! We used 'fancy writing' to 'mark' the artists name and decorated the page with as many favourite things as desired. Rainbows were popular with lovely bright colours curved over the page. Many of the CKs like fairies. This started a very vibrant discussion of garden fairies, letters to and from (!) fairies and of course fairy dust.

With front covers of journals complete we took little folded paper panels (which I had previously trimmed from the base of the journals to fit the covers - no waste here) to create a group piece. I invited the CKs to add their favourite things to the folded panels. All the pieces were then joined together to form the one big piece. This we decided to the hang in the room each week as a reminder of the 'wholeness or togetherness' of the group.

There were panels of favourite colours and portraiture of the artist.

This piece was double-sided. See if you can spot the Zoo on the work above? Then on the next picture (the flip side) you will find the orangutan, with a banana, behind the zoo. This was very well done and required quite a bit of concentration to make sure everything matched ok.

This artist made three 'folded panel pages'. Two were made into a little book and the third as part of the group piece.

The final group piece came together well. I was super careful punching the holes to avoid going through artwork and the CKs, with Emily's assistance, did a great job connecting it all together.

To close we created scribble drawings, with added fun of finding images within the scribble. Can you see the start of a face below. So far with wobbly teeth, an eye and a nose have been highlighted.

A great creative start to 2013 - colourful, creative, imaginative, lots of stories and new little artists to share my love of art with - PERFECT!


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