Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids Shed 2013

A brand new program and a brand new space but with lots of old friends. If the Kids Shed was a boat last Saturday would of been it's maiden voyage, with my trusty crew on board! It was with absolute delight that I was reunited with six wonderful artists who I have had the pleasure of travelling along side creatively in Creative Kids (some for a year and a half, others for the past year). It is due to their creative growth and development that the idea of the Kids Shed was formed. As each started to develop their own artistic styles there felt a need for more space for independent projects (rather than me guiding group activities each week). This space was found (or kindly suggested by the House manager) to be the 400 volt Men's Shed. In my eyes, backed up by others, it is a funky old warehouse with (you guessed it) a lot of space. The recycled pallet seats, benches and tables are great for moving around to create personal work stations. Plus there is stacks of timber and materials just waiting for a creative outpour.

Joining the six 'old artists' are three new comers to the group. One off a full house! The beauty of the space is that now it is much easier for the artists to assist in the setup. Three sorted paint into palettes, others the water in jars and a couple made sure all the brushes were soft, clean and ready to go. Everyone worked well together.

I wanted to start the group off with a little bit of technique. In the past (in Creative Kids) we have talked about colour mixing as we have been in the process of art making. But now it is time for a bit of colour theory! It was a rather intense process which we worked through together. With the primary colours of yellow, blue and red in our paint palette, new journals and the approval to paint on the wall in the Shed, we began. I sketched out the format of a 'colour flower-wheel' on the wall, which the artists matched in their journals. We painted in the primary petal colours. Primary colours then mixed together to make the secondary colours of green, violet and orange - these filled the petals between the primary ones. The key was to mixed quite a bit of this as we would need it later. I invited the artists to add their mixes to the wall so we could see the variety of shades.

Next we explored the 'arches' connecting the petals, adding more of a primary colour to the secondary mix. For example adding yellow to the green, to produce 'yellow green' or blue to green, to produce 'blue green'. All complete it was on to the middle section to create tertiary colours, the combination of secondary colours, such as green and violet.

It was so interesting to see the infinite variety of hues appearing on the wall - naturally.

We did discover that despite the large Shed space being ultra cool in appearance that it was rather warm in temperature even with the fan going. The good news is that during the week it was confirmed that we could use the office space at the front of the building which has air con. So on hot days we can shift into these, but still be close to our materials and emerging works.

A big thank you to the new creative arts volunteer, Emily, who attended Creative Kids and then travelled with me to the Kids Shed, your a legend!

I can't wait to see what the Kids Shed artists produce, stay tuned...