Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loads of love

With a couple of days past St Valentines day I invited the CKs to reflect on people (or creatures) they loved. The idea was to think of one or two loved people to create a 'love card' for. Cards were cut into half with one side representing the person you love (which the artist keeps) and the other side an image of yourself (which is gifted to the one loved). The offering was extended to all living creatures, but as one CK pointed out 'they', if animals, might not be very careful with the picture. He thought of his cat who he loves but would probably rip it. It would be ok if his cat was an orangatang as he would be smart, but his cat... Not so.

After taking a bit of time to decide the CKs started their pieces.

This artist drew two flowers.The flowers reminded her of her Mum (who she loves) and she wanted to also give her a flower.

This artist created a card for his ghost friend. He is a friendly ghost but a lot of people are scared of him.
The ghost hurt his hand and has an ivy bandage on it. That's the artist in blue.

There were cards for friends who cheer the artist up when they feel sad.

Complete with special messages

One artist created a representation of a boy at school. But she didn't want to give him a card - that was naturally ok!

Another special friend, this friend is a Creative Kid too.

To close we all took turns with cleanup tasks. Washing the paint palettes out was in itself a very creative process as we watched and named the colours we saw appearing in the ever changing coloured water. All tidy we spent a bit of time reflecting on those we loved, sharing these special people with the group and what they meant to us. A lovely end to a lovely morning.



  1. This is absolutely fantastic Amanda. What a lovely idea. Your telling of what the artists created and whom they wanted to share their love with made me feel all soft inside. How precious.