Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 2 at the Kids Shed

Our second session at the Shed saw us move into the air conditioned boardroom, as the day reached towards 34 degrees. Artist's journals needed covers and to be bound. Measurements were taken, heavier paper trimmed and the position of holes indicated, for Japanese binding. I took these home to assist with and complete the binding.

Next we explored different grey lead pencils. Each artist took their turn at testing a variety. Some liked the lead soft and dark, with the ability to smudge, others preferred hardness and lightness. These preferences were taken into our observation and drawing activity for the day.

My favourite - sketching inspired by nature. From a selection of seeds, shells and other small items the artist's took their time to really notice the shapes, patterns and parts of their selected items. I encourage looking at the natural object as if for the first time. Holding back focusing on what they think or know it to be - such as a shell. But instead to observe and consequently draw exactly what is seen, for example a shape which curves to the right and the patterns within. In this way noticing the beauty and artistry of nature is observed and I believe drawing skills are enhanced in a flowing manner.

Texture was also noticed, such as seed heads that were soft and fluffy.
Some decided to include coloured pencil.
This artist completed his drawing by putting it in an environmental context.

I then encouraged him to select a small part of the shell which took his interest to draw larger. Again very good for looking closer and noticing.

Others also did the same. (I love how this artist included the piece of red thread on the seed head)

When she amplified out one part, she was reminded of a star, which she then connects to her family.
The artist below after great consideration explained to me that when she looked at her picture, looking at the middle part, she could see a fish skin. So could I. It made us both smile with surprise.
As the artists drew, with intense concentration I moved around the table one-by-one to checkin on what they would like as their major project. I had some suggestions, as did each artist. I now had a list of what materials were required and we all seemed excited about the weeks to come.
A special thanks to Liz, Chairperson of the House for making us cooling neck ties, supplying bottles of water and watermelon, it was greatly appreciated! We stayed nice and cool on a very hot day.


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