Saturday, March 23, 2013

Creative Kids sparkle

The final week of term 1 for the Creative Kids and time to finish off our clay fairies for the alters.

With acyclic paint these two fairy sisters look very colourful. 
The CKs did well starting to mix their own colours to achieve what they wanted. 

A big thank you to the Scallywags Children's Centre who gave us some art materials. 
The little papier mache houses were a big hit – along with buttons and beads. 

What emerged, guided by one imaginative CK, were little fairy houses.
A little like bird houses, but for fairies. Places were fairies could rest when they get tried. 

One CK explained to me that his fairy house is a place where fairies can store their fairy dust 
and have a rest. There was a good supply of fairy dust already in his little house. 

What a fun, glittery way to finish the term. 
We farewell a couple of artists who are going overseas next term on holiday.
Safe travels to them and their families, hopefully we will see them again in term 3. 

For those returning I can't wait to see you and some new creatives on the 20th April.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An alter for special fairies

I will start this blog with the preface that I did not plan the fairies presence this term. They fluttered in on their own accord. 

At the beginning of each term I start with an idea of what modalities or mediums we will use and a rough idea of themes which relate to possible experiences in the young artists lives or in response to events, such as celebrations, changes of seasons... etc.  I like to stay open to what is important to the artists, adapting and shifting my plans to meet their curiosities. This group shared an interest of fairies from day one, an interest which brought the group together in such a beautiful way. The fairies became our 'vehicle' to share ideas, stories, wonderment and of course explore different art materials. 

This week clay (in our instance an air-drying type) and mixed media = the artistic material, the modality = sculpture and the theme a fairy alter. An alter represents and reminds us of things that are important to us. I took into the group my Mexican Nicho Altar (or small shrine) of Frida Kahlo, one of my favourite artists. 

The CKs looked at their fairies from last week, in their journals. 
From 2D drawings the fairies become 3D with the clay.
These fairies will be the center-piece of the alter.

Fairy sisters

All of the fairies had beautiful outfits.  

A sweet little fairy with her bed. 
Two CKs worked with our new volunteer Claire who works with clay in her own arts practice.

 This artist found this flower on the newspaper and really liked it

For the structure of our alters we used cardboard, with drawings
– here are the two sister fairies. 

Lots of glitter for fairy dust,

 and fairy stars – or are they pixie stars..?

We leave our work to dry ready for the week....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fairy flowers

Our fairy theme continues to grow and bloom – this week in the shape of felted fairy flowers - rainbow colours, of course.

We begin with wool fiber. As it was teased out and formed into a loose round, each artist filled it with thoughts of what they dreamed of. Perhaps the fairies will come in our sleep to the flowers and collect our dreams, taking them out into the world..?

The dreamy fiber was then placed in a zip-lock plastic bag with soapy (olive oil soap) water, and the bag sealed. I had placed a little drop of relaxation oil in the soap mix, this started a conversation about smells – we noticed how some of us liked the smell, whilst others didn't. As we talked we gently (or at times vigorously) rubbed away at the sloppy fiber to matt it together. Once formed the newly formed piece of felt was removed from the bag. Placed over the thumb, with more soap, our flowers started to emerge. How exciting!

They were beautiful and unique each in their own ways. 

Then in our journals we drew our own special fairies.

This fairy has a great wardrobe. 
She has her evening gown, her normal dress and her funeral dress. 

Here she is with her flower. 

And again here, if you look closely you can see a tiny little fairy ready to collect dreams.

Here is a fairy, not with her flower, but her bed. 
It was so carefully made that it looks so soft and comfortable. 

Definitely a rainbow fairy. 

I asked one of the artists, as I passed her in the street the following week, if her flower was beside her bed? Her Mum told me, 'No, it's under her pillow'. What precious fairy flowers and dreams. 

I hope everyones dreams come true. 
Sweet dreams.

Goodness I forgot to add my thanks to Jennifer, one of the Grad Dip students at MIECAT for the wonderful idea of felting in a bag. Thanks!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fairyland in print

So my intention to get the posts back up-to-date failed miserably. It is time to speed-post, before term 2 begins!

Day 4 with the Creative Kids and the artistic mode of printmaking, monoprints to be specific, came into focus. Printing without a press, images are made only once and very unique. With a selection of 'tools' the CKs had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities.  

Prints were made by 'inking-up'...

 small pieces of wood, wine bottle corks and thread ... 

toilet rolls and finger tips...

ones own hand...

leaves from my front yard...

and a very inventive way of printing with the foamy mesh used to protect wine bottles, from duty free.

All cleaned up we sat down for a snack. One of the CKs brought her favourite book on fairies. She kindly read to us. The whole group knew of this series of books – they were all new to me. Not only are there fairies (all rainbow colours!) but also a fairy land. A quick change of plan and I invited the 
CKs to look at their printed pages and see if they could turn them into their own fairy land, adding what they needed with coloured pencils. 

There were fairies flying through the forest

and many rainbows

and little houses added with the printmaking sticks

fairies were very welcome here, beneath the moon, beside the flowers.

What a vibrant and colourful day we had!