Saturday, March 23, 2013

Creative Kids sparkle

The final week of term 1 for the Creative Kids and time to finish off our clay fairies for the alters.

With acyclic paint these two fairy sisters look very colourful. 
The CKs did well starting to mix their own colours to achieve what they wanted. 

A big thank you to the Scallywags Children's Centre who gave us some art materials. 
The little papier mache houses were a big hit – along with buttons and beads. 

What emerged, guided by one imaginative CK, were little fairy houses.
A little like bird houses, but for fairies. Places were fairies could rest when they get tried. 

One CK explained to me that his fairy house is a place where fairies can store their fairy dust 
and have a rest. There was a good supply of fairy dust already in his little house. 

What a fun, glittery way to finish the term. 
We farewell a couple of artists who are going overseas next term on holiday.
Safe travels to them and their families, hopefully we will see them again in term 3. 

For those returning I can't wait to see you and some new creatives on the 20th April.

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