Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fairy flowers

Our fairy theme continues to grow and bloom – this week in the shape of felted fairy flowers - rainbow colours, of course.

We begin with wool fiber. As it was teased out and formed into a loose round, each artist filled it with thoughts of what they dreamed of. Perhaps the fairies will come in our sleep to the flowers and collect our dreams, taking them out into the world..?

The dreamy fiber was then placed in a zip-lock plastic bag with soapy (olive oil soap) water, and the bag sealed. I had placed a little drop of relaxation oil in the soap mix, this started a conversation about smells – we noticed how some of us liked the smell, whilst others didn't. As we talked we gently (or at times vigorously) rubbed away at the sloppy fiber to matt it together. Once formed the newly formed piece of felt was removed from the bag. Placed over the thumb, with more soap, our flowers started to emerge. How exciting!

They were beautiful and unique each in their own ways. 

Then in our journals we drew our own special fairies.

This fairy has a great wardrobe. 
She has her evening gown, her normal dress and her funeral dress. 

Here she is with her flower. 

And again here, if you look closely you can see a tiny little fairy ready to collect dreams.

Here is a fairy, not with her flower, but her bed. 
It was so carefully made that it looks so soft and comfortable. 

Definitely a rainbow fairy. 

I asked one of the artists, as I passed her in the street the following week, if her flower was beside her bed? Her Mum told me, 'No, it's under her pillow'. What precious fairy flowers and dreams. 

I hope everyones dreams come true. 
Sweet dreams.

Goodness I forgot to add my thanks to Jennifer, one of the Grad Dip students at MIECAT for the wonderful idea of felting in a bag. Thanks!!

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