Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fairyland in print

So my intention to get the posts back up-to-date failed miserably. It is time to speed-post, before term 2 begins!

Day 4 with the Creative Kids and the artistic mode of printmaking, monoprints to be specific, came into focus. Printing without a press, images are made only once and very unique. With a selection of 'tools' the CKs had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities.  

Prints were made by 'inking-up'...

 small pieces of wood, wine bottle corks and thread ... 

toilet rolls and finger tips...

ones own hand...

leaves from my front yard...

and a very inventive way of printing with the foamy mesh used to protect wine bottles, from duty free.

All cleaned up we sat down for a snack. One of the CKs brought her favourite book on fairies. She kindly read to us. The whole group knew of this series of books – they were all new to me. Not only are there fairies (all rainbow colours!) but also a fairy land. A quick change of plan and I invited the 
CKs to look at their printed pages and see if they could turn them into their own fairy land, adding what they needed with coloured pencils. 

There were fairies flying through the forest

and many rainbows

and little houses added with the printmaking sticks

fairies were very welcome here, beneath the moon, beside the flowers.

What a vibrant and colourful day we had!

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