Saturday, February 23, 2013


Once again I have gotten very behind in my blogging, so I will do my best to get these up-to-date.
On Saturday the 23rd Feb the CKs explored chalk pastels whilst I read the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Wild Swan. As I read I encouraged the CKs to draw whatever they wanted, using what they needed from the story as inspiration. Storytime complete and after a small snack break drawings were shared with the group.
Once upon a time in a forest
there was a King and a Princess
the Princess is sent off to live somewhere else by her stepmother, the new Queen.
The wicked Queen casts a spell on one of the Princes.
They saw many sunsets
then the sun rose
A lady in the forest gives the Princess berries
Then one of the Princes, as a swan, comes to the castle.
As the people kneeled before the princess the smell of a thousand roses filled the air.
See one rose is normal the other is smouldering.
There are colours of happiness.
After each CK shared their drawings they were invited to take something either from their drawing or something that now stayed with them to a large long roll of brown paper. Together we created our own story.
A little bird with coloured wings
flies through a sunset
were she meets the evil Queen, a witch.
The little bird steals the Queens power, turning it into good power and flies back past the sunset

Where the little bird finds a lovely red rose

The end.

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