Monday, April 15, 2013

Kids Shed – major project feature

It is with great pride that I share with the world the major projects from Kids Shed, 2013 (term 1). They all did so well and I loved seeing what each artist was working on each week. Kids Shed is an open studio style approach where young artists can explore their interests independently, yet in a supported environment. A big thank you to my two volunteers Emily and Claire, who are wonderful.

I am slowly putting together a collation of the artists projects over the weeks, but rather than wait until they are all ready I will post as I go.

'C's project

C selected drawing as her medium for her major project. I noticed in Creative Kids last year that she was quite taken by my book on Amazon women. I brought this in for her as possible inspiration. She also loves animals. Over quite a few weeks she sat quietly drawing, inspired by one of the stories. In the last two weeks she took one of these into a painting. What struck me was how her work started to look more and more like a self portrait, reflective of her gentle presence and closeness to animals. C will continue her painting into term 2. 

Music credit: Ketil Bjonstad, Night Song.

'K's project

Over the weeks K formed an installation piece which begins by turning a found object at the shed into a birds nest. She creates a playground incorporating more found objects and her artwork. Her birds nest was later transformed into a tree with a little assistance and on the last day she herself became a part of the artpiece – she put herself in the work – she was the bird. K is very adaptive with materials and has a strong sense of storylines in her work. I love hearing about her work and her process – there is so much content in process! 

Music credit: Be Good Tanyas, The Littlest Birds

'H's project

H decided on a self-portrait for her major project. She begins with a detailed sketch in her journal and then goes on to a canvas board. I admired her focus and patience during the weeks in mixing shades and working on form. She surrounds herself with a background of things she likes, flowers. Well done H, you were very dedicated, it was a challenging project.

Music credit: Nervous Doll Dancing, Aerial Grace.

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