Monday, April 22, 2013

Term 2 begins

Saturday saw the start of term 2 for Kid's Shed. Sadly we did not get the numbers for Creative Kids to run, however enrollments are coming in for term 3, which is great. I really look forward to seeing all then. To my wonderful Creative Kids who re-enrolled and are patiently waiting, thank you for transferring to T3. To all the new artists I can wait to meet you soon. 

So it was an unusually slow start to my Saturday morning. As I casually pulled into the driveway of Sussex Neighbourhood House I was met by a very excited Kids Shed artist. In between excited jumps and fast talking she told me about a friend who thought she couldn't come to Kids Shed – but had counted all the money in her piggy bank and she had enough! Could she come? It was very lucky that the lovely Alex was at the House, whilst we were explaining the situation to Alex the friend's Mum called and enrolled her - just in the 'nick of time'. There was a lot more jumping and one happy Kids Shed artist. 

The piggy bank proof.

Arriving together 30 minutes later the two worked really well collaborating on a new sculptural project.
There was also a lot of excitement as the new artist discovered another friend at Kids Shed. 
Big hugs all round.

There were new projects started and old ones completed. With the generous donations of materials from Marita (Creative Arts Therapist and Sussex NH Creative Movement and Dance facilitator), Joy & Natasha (Kids Shed Mother and Sister) and 'the man who dropped off art materials', there was a lot to 'play with'. I selected a few materials for some artists that I thought might be useful. 

For this artist I found 5 match boxes. I thought she might like to use the medium of 'match box art'. Creating little scenes in match boxes. Unbeknown to me she had been collecting them already and was so excited as they were 'just what she needed'. She had made, and was wanting to make another, set of draws. 

For C I had brought water coloured pencils. 
She had not used them before and really enjoyed using them. 

Her drawing is for her new guinea pig – Storm. 
What a lovely welcome home offering for Storm. 

R, found a nice big white piece of fabric to create her own prayer flag. 
It speaks of being healthy and of peace. 
She adds hands of peace, after we talk about the Boston Bombings, 
especially the 8 year old boy that died. 

F finished his oil painting that he started last term. He was so focused and worked well in a new medium - oil can be challenging. 

For S I selected a few pieces of fabric that I thought she might like. One piece was immediately made into a lovely bow and some of the others S checked if it was ok for her to take them home, as she was going to make clothes for her dolls when she got home. How exciting, she had just gotten a sewing machine from her grandmother. She also found some wool in the box of textiles and reconnected with finger knitting.  

I was able to take new photos of her S's book for her project movie below. 

What a creative start to the term!

'S's project

Very talented with a needle and thread S took on the challenge of bookbinding with immense dedication and skill. After looking through a book on Artist's Books, she selected a style as inspiration. Page after page she carefully tore and folded. This book has now become her sketch book, where she has included textiles, pencil and multi-media. I will continue to add to her movie as the pages fill. 

Music credit: Noriko Tadano, Staircase to the Moon

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