Sunday, September 22, 2013

Capturing the Kids Shed creativity

It is often difficult to describe Kids Shed. Here is a little footage from yesterday.
The amazing artists are working on different pieces; drawing with water-colour pencils, doll-making with two different approaches, two installation pieces or perhaps sculptural (loaded with stories) and an artist's book.

We have space (a wonderfully spacious old bus depot!) for a couple more blossoming young artists next term - come join us!

Have a great break Kids Shed artists. Yesterday was fun. Looking forward to working alongside you all soon.

PS A's piece was reconnected with his arm, shortly after filming. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

A couple more weeks of Kids Shed combined

At Kids Shed the artists work on their own individual projects. These might be similar to others, or quite different. Em, our wonderful volunteer, has also brought her school projects in, this has been very inspirational. Here are a few weeks worth of images of Kids Shed artwork. 

C was away from group last week, on a family holiday to Queensland.
She brought in a beautiful shell to show me. 
I loved the intricacy of patterns and suggested she might want to draw it, which she did. 

I was busy out in the big space with S and A assisting with papier mache of their 3-D works. 
When I returned to our 'office space' I discovered more than one dragon illustrated. 

V is working on a new doll for a school project.
She told me this week that she is going to ask permission from her teacher, to enter this creative piece as her 'art entry', as this is her preferred art modality. Visual art was expected but V is developing her own style as an artist AND this is what she does.  I was very proud of her making this statement. I support you all the way in this decision V, your dolls are sensational. 

 F and C have a strong interest in drawing. 

The week before whilst having a cup of tea in the backyard I noticed beautiful shadows formed by the winter sunshine. I snapped a few photos of the outside chair and it's shadow, the clothes line and it's shadow. My dog also thought I should take a photo of her, sitting in her 'best position' to impress me. To my surprise there was a perfectly cast shadow. I took the photos in for F and C, plus some charcoal. They both drew Pup, one focusing on her and her shadow, the other on her shadow alone. I think they are striking. 

F enjoyed the charcoal. 

S's papier mache doll starts to take form. 

One week on and dry she is ready for clothes. 

K starts a new project, building a house. 
She comes prepared with furnishings. Every element of family living is considered, especially when it comes to the care of a baby. 

A bit of time at the end of the day to draw on a 'different canvas'.
Em soon discovered which coloured inks washed out the quickest. 

Sadly I don't have photos of the final group illustrations on Em's arms, however they were quite wonderful. 

Kids Shed #2

A big thank you to Liz (chairperson of Sussex NH) and her Dad for the fantastic signage. We had a lot of fun painting each letter of   K I D ' S   S H E D.

It was then onto major projects. 

A new rainbow fairy, in purple and violet.

Em and K focused on eyes. 

After sketches were completed A and S started 3-D works. 

Kids's Shed - what a cool place!
Hmm does 'cool' make me sound old? 
Must check-in with the kids this week, what is the right word to describe our great space? 

Kids Shed - sketching and projects started (day 1 t3)

Perfecting perspective drawing can be fun, especially when you stand on a chair to get a birds-eye-view, sit normally and finally draw with your chin on the table. Each artist started with a simple button and then moved onto their projects of choice. 

On a winters day arm-warmers are great! Em and V had a great time drawing in this fashion. 

Working with watercolour pencils and illustrative styles. 

Book Art

Sketching the green fairy created last term. She looks beautiful. 

A feather was a greater challenge, but I think it is beautiful - so delicate. 

Thanks C for my origami crane. 

Double arm-warmers!

My next posts will show how the artists' projects have developed over the weeks. 

Collage stories, matchbox treasures and looking closer

I am so behind in my blog posts, so a slightly different approach, to bring me up-to-speed.
Three weeks of Creative Kids are captured in the slideshow beneath.

'Collage stories' included magazine images selected, pasted and arranged onto a grey board canvas.  The starting point was to select colours, textures and words that captured what the artists' liked. As boards formed so did the personal stories. For one artist the creative-story captured the dream of a baby! We had a lovely time sharing our story boards with the group at the end.

'Matchbox treasures'. Working small can be challenging at times, but there is something precious about a miniature size. Acrylic paint and glitter filled empty matchboxes with all 'the special stuff' of our inner and outer worlds. There was a lot of love for family within and a great love of nature and pretty things, on the outside.

I find one of the most rewarding things to do as an artist is to slow down and notice. 'Looking closer' invited to the artists to discover what was around our room at the Neighbourhood House. 'Rubbing' surfaces beneath paper with oil pastel revealed wonderful prints above. Monoprints were produced. It was a wonderful time of discovery. The 'printed pages' were then used to form stories.