Monday, September 16, 2013

Collage stories, matchbox treasures and looking closer

I am so behind in my blog posts, so a slightly different approach, to bring me up-to-speed.
Three weeks of Creative Kids are captured in the slideshow beneath.

'Collage stories' included magazine images selected, pasted and arranged onto a grey board canvas.  The starting point was to select colours, textures and words that captured what the artists' liked. As boards formed so did the personal stories. For one artist the creative-story captured the dream of a baby! We had a lovely time sharing our story boards with the group at the end.

'Matchbox treasures'. Working small can be challenging at times, but there is something precious about a miniature size. Acrylic paint and glitter filled empty matchboxes with all 'the special stuff' of our inner and outer worlds. There was a lot of love for family within and a great love of nature and pretty things, on the outside.

I find one of the most rewarding things to do as an artist is to slow down and notice. 'Looking closer' invited to the artists to discover what was around our room at the Neighbourhood House. 'Rubbing' surfaces beneath paper with oil pastel revealed wonderful prints above. Monoprints were produced. It was a wonderful time of discovery. The 'printed pages' were then used to form stories.

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