Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wearable Art Kids Shed style

An idea is formed out of the materials for Kids Shed term 4. 

Adjusting preferred art styles in wearable art

The artists headed away today to think about it.

Emily you are such a good sport!

Creative Arts tell vibrant stories

Each Creative Kids group I work with is different. After each session I reflect on what interests each artist. For term 3's CK's I noticed storytelling was one of their strengths. They love sharing their work with each other during our snack break and at the end of class. They are also very collaborative, with an openness to support one another. They ask questions about each others works and they are quite amazing at helping each other out.

So on this particular Saturday morning I woke to hear the birds chirping and the sun streaming in through my bedroom window. It wasn't officially Spring, but it felt like it. I took this story to the group and asked them to tell me about what they had noticed. They shared stories of bright colours in nature, of sunshine, rainbow and Yes they too had heard birds chirping. 

With all these stories in mind we worked with watercolours to create our own stories of Spring. 
The group have not worked with this medium before (with me). 
As they painted we discussed and explored technique. 
We noticed how water spread the colour and what happened when water was applied. 
Those who had worked with watercolour before shared what they knew. 

The final pieces and their stories were beautiful. My initial thought was that we could 'build-up' a Spring story by gathering our painting together and creating a joint story. The CKs had a better idea each taking turns to bring their painting to life by enacting the story in the picture. Each artist took turns to cast roles and narrate their story with the other artists becoming rainbows, wind, rain, birds... I filmed these on my ipad which we enjoyed watching all together at the end of the day. 

I have included the narratives' of each painting and screen grabs of one of the enacted stories. 

A bird and a butterfly meet on a spring day. 
It started to rain. 
A firework exploded up into the air for the birds birthday. 
A rainbow came out, followed by the sun. 

A lovely little bluebird flying above the rainbow.

The sun is high in the sky. 
It shines all over the place. 
The bird flies really far away. 
The cloud makes more cloud. 
The end. 

There is a blue bird in a magical tree which is full of pixie dust. 
The bird gets lost and a flower fairy comes to her rescue. 
The blue bird finds a purple bird, who is in the fog. 
The magic flowers sings. 
They all go to the magical tree and have a party!

There is a rainbow, 
with an invisible bird 
with an invisible owner. 

The first day of Spring and the baby birds were in the tree. 
The mama bird goes out to look for food.
There is a nice rainbow beside the tree. 
The sun is out and there is only one rose open. 
The only rose for miles around. 
The sky was very blue, the sun was shining brightly and there were not many clouds. 

There is a girl reading a book and she was watching the bird in the cage. 

The other bird was watching and waiting. In the dark she flew away. 

The bird in the cage is released but she couldn't fly. 
She was crying because she had broken her wing. 

 But there is a happy ending...
The rain and wind said 'she's coming'. 
The other bird found her and they flew together. 
They were friends again and went home. 
The owl asked 'Can I come to your house?' 
The girl reading the book wanted to come too. 
They all went together and the rain went whoossh.  

Sadly Creative Kids is not running this term, but I really wanted to complete and upload this post, as I really enjoyed this session. The CKs taught me a new approach to 'dialoguing with images' and it was amazing! We had a lot of fun and from my perspective it added so much to detail and new connection to the artwork.