Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farewell and thank you Emily

At the beginning of last year a lovely young lady, called Emily, began volunteering at Sussex Neighbourhood House. Over the past year and a bit Em has been a wonderful support to myself and the artists in Creative Kids, Kids Shed, Mixed Media and Kids Create.

In her VCE year at school means more study and more pressure. Unfortunately it means that Em had to make the difficult (but wise) decision to stop volunteering, so she could spend more time on her studies.

Today was all about Em, gathering memories and farewelling a good friend. Cards and a banner for Em were made.

At 1:30 the room was cleared, the table arranged with treats and cards. The banner was hung. 
Ready for Em's arrival the entrance was decorated (with materials that reminded one artist of time spent with Em), the room was darkened and we all waited in hushed anticipation. 

Although there was a lot of giggling 
(no not from Noah, but very excited artists hiding under the table)

Finally she arrived. 

Cards were given and many a hug. 

We talked about Em's study and High School. 
Then it was onto a celebration dance. 

Emily thank you!
I will miss you and I know the group will also.

Good bye Emily (for now)
Take care and go well. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visiting the Mixed Media group

This evening Rosie Pup and I popped around to Sussex Neighbourhood House, to see all our old (and some new) friends in the Mixed Media group. What a welcome we received!

It was great to see everyone, pleasing to know they hadn't forgotten me and even more pleasing that they have such a great team supporting them. There was such harmony in the room.

Tess is doing a stellar job! Sam, Ange and Pauline are shining just as bright.

Needless to say Rosie had a great time. She got a lot pats and very willingly received all the kisses and exclamations of love on offer. In the same fashion as last time we visited, once in the car she looked out the back window, towards the house, and let out a little cry. Don't worry little dog, we'll go back one day again soon.

I think art-making and a few dog pats are just the right combination!

Thanks artists, Tess and team for making our night
x x

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Term 2 for Kids Create with a new topic - TOGETHER. What better way to start than together around the table, knotting composted wool (odds and ends pieces) and chatting, whilst creating a pom-pom. 

Whilst chatting and twisting (threads) we discussed how 'together' might be incorporated in projects. 

I also brought along a table cloth that I thought could become ours. 
I have a vision of us all sitting around the table on our last day, for a creative feast...
We'll have to wait and see.

There was hand-knitting

lots of chatter

sometimes engaged silence

twist and turns the pom-poms start to form. 

I have stitched my pom-pom onto our table cloth. 

A special note of thanks and acknowledgement. 
We missed Em's presence this week. Due to needing more time for her studies, she will not be spending Saturday's with us anymore. Completely understandable Emily. Go well and I look forward to seeing you next week for a grand farewell. Thanks for everything it has been wonderful, you have been wonderful!!! xx

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kids Create!

Where oh where have the past 4 months gone!!! I guess my lack of posting and my discovery that time has vanished has something to do with my Doctorate... However, I have really missed reflecting on what has been happening, so from today I hope to get back to my more regular posts. 

To begin I need to go back. Term 1 at Sussex Neighbourhood House saw the beginning of the newly named and slightly refocused group – Kids Create. The first class was rather vibrant. For the first time I practiced responding with live drumming to the groups' painting movement. I experienced this late last year in a workshop with Shaun McNiff. I really loved the freedom and energy that this way of creating allowed. The kids really liked it too. They remained with the painting process much longer than I had anticipated. Here are a few. 

There was time at the end of class to consider what projects might look like for this term. The topic was 'explore'. Each artist left me with a list of materials needed and possibilities for projects. 

In the weeks that followed a range of materials were used including Papier Mâché, complete with mixing up the paste in the House kitchen.

For some working with the materials were about exploring possibilities. 
For others there was a building on skills formed at the Kids Shed. 

Paint and drawing was used to tell many stories. 

3D objects joined visual art in storytelling.  

Not to be left behind, textiles and sewing were well represented in creating outfits. 

As the weeks went on the projects developed well.

Artistic collaborations were formed.  

The day of presentations arrived. 
There were combined and solo presentations. 
Each brought together the variety of modalities explored over the term. 

A lot of work goes into getting to the presentation. 
I watched with pride as all the young artists planned, considered and presented their work. 
It was a 'super well done' to all!

Thanks to family who could make the presentations. A massive thanks to Em and Noah (who joined us mid-term as a volunteer) for their wonderful support.