Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farewell and thank you Emily

At the beginning of last year a lovely young lady, called Emily, began volunteering at Sussex Neighbourhood House. Over the past year and a bit Em has been a wonderful support to myself and the artists in Creative Kids, Kids Shed, Mixed Media and Kids Create.

In her VCE year at school means more study and more pressure. Unfortunately it means that Em had to make the difficult (but wise) decision to stop volunteering, so she could spend more time on her studies.

Today was all about Em, gathering memories and farewelling a good friend. Cards and a banner for Em were made.

At 1:30 the room was cleared, the table arranged with treats and cards. The banner was hung. 
Ready for Em's arrival the entrance was decorated (with materials that reminded one artist of time spent with Em), the room was darkened and we all waited in hushed anticipation. 

Although there was a lot of giggling 
(no not from Noah, but very excited artists hiding under the table)

Finally she arrived. 

Cards were given and many a hug. 

We talked about Em's study and High School. 
Then it was onto a celebration dance. 

Emily thank you!
I will miss you and I know the group will also.

Good bye Emily (for now)
Take care and go well. 

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