Sunday, May 4, 2014


Term 2 for Kids Create with a new topic - TOGETHER. What better way to start than together around the table, knotting composted wool (odds and ends pieces) and chatting, whilst creating a pom-pom. 

Whilst chatting and twisting (threads) we discussed how 'together' might be incorporated in projects. 

I also brought along a table cloth that I thought could become ours. 
I have a vision of us all sitting around the table on our last day, for a creative feast...
We'll have to wait and see.

There was hand-knitting

lots of chatter

sometimes engaged silence

twist and turns the pom-poms start to form. 

I have stitched my pom-pom onto our table cloth. 

A special note of thanks and acknowledgement. 
We missed Em's presence this week. Due to needing more time for her studies, she will not be spending Saturday's with us anymore. Completely understandable Emily. Go well and I look forward to seeing you next week for a grand farewell. Thanks for everything it has been wonderful, you have been wonderful!!! xx


  1. I've just read Em the note--thanks! Sharing with the Creative Kids groups has been WONDERFUL for her too.

    1. Thanks Chiara. Looking forward to seeing Em at presentations and the odd pop in visit – when she isn't busy studying. Wishing you all the best Em and again a massive thanks x