Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visiting the Mixed Media group

This evening Rosie Pup and I popped around to Sussex Neighbourhood House, to see all our old (and some new) friends in the Mixed Media group. What a welcome we received!

It was great to see everyone, pleasing to know they hadn't forgotten me and even more pleasing that they have such a great team supporting them. There was such harmony in the room.

Tess is doing a stellar job! Sam, Ange and Pauline are shining just as bright.

Needless to say Rosie had a great time. She got a lot pats and very willingly received all the kisses and exclamations of love on offer. In the same fashion as last time we visited, once in the car she looked out the back window, towards the house, and let out a little cry. Don't worry little dog, we'll go back one day again soon.

I think art-making and a few dog pats are just the right combination!

Thanks artists, Tess and team for making our night
x x

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