Monday, June 9, 2014

Magical Suitcases

On the 17th of May, Sussex Neighbourhood House was a buzz of activity. The Kids Create artists had been invited by The MIECAT Institute to join with their students in creating suitcase artwork for the Magical Suitcase Day. Their artwork would be exhibited at Federation Square, the next day. After a quick chat about trips to the city we talked about the intention of the Magical Suitcase Day and the Magical Getaway Foundation (who organise the day). We talked about what it might be like to not be able to afford to go on holiday. From the young artists perspective the thought of a child not being able to go on holiday was very sad. As one artist said, 'all children should be able to go on holiday, otherwise it is not fair'. No more talking was needed as they raced to select 'blank' suitcases, to transform into art forms, to raise attention, in the hope that a lot of money would raised the next day, for families in need. 

MIECAT donated the suitcases as well as a few materials found hiding inside. 

V really liked the netting!

It is always good to try out the qualities of the materials before working with it. 
It flowed beautifully as she danced around the room. 
Coming to rest she decided it was like a waterfall. 

Her case was soon cascading.

It was secured with very patient stitching.
Flowers were added and we had a bush walking holiday. 

K was quick to identify that her magical suitcase would be of a camping holiday.

Materials included some new ones from MIECAT and a collection of items from nature. 
Little gum nuts made for wonderful mangos. 

L and B had a great time collaborating. 

Their's was a happy suitcase, with a soft fluffy handle. 
Inside was a very special note, wishing the traveller a very good holiday 
– from the best creative kids in the world.

S worked on a little girl called Penelope's suitcase. 

She was going to travel to Australia on her own. 

A blanket was carefully stitched, which travelled in her case alongside items important to her.

She even had a check list. 
A wise idea when packing your bag. 

It was a very full car of Magical Suitcases that headed back to MIECAT, ready for collection. 

The next day...

A big thank you to The MIECAT Institute for the opportunity to participant. 
We hope the day was a magical success for the Magical Getaway Foundation.

With our term theme of 'togetherness' we couldn't get any truer to form by looking beyond ourselves to help others. Well done Kids Create artists – I am very proud of your commitment, care and using your creativity to create a difference. 

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