Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bringing together - together

Before I post what we did in Kids Create in term 3, I really feel I need to finish speaking about term 2. So here goes - this is how 'together' came together. 

The tablecloth became common ground

Collaged fabric swatches represented individuality. I invited the artists to collage an image of themselves. This could be as literal or abstract as they liked. 

One artist spoke of her panel holding pretty girly things. Another focused on her family heritage, selecting pasta for her Italian background and potatoes for her Irish background. 

It was a great way for us to get to know more about each other. 

Sometimes collaborations were marked on the sheet - literally. 

Instead of 'selfies', we took 'groupies'

We decided that we would have a 'creative feast', on the last day of term. 
V made outfits for everyone. 

Some worked on individual projects, with the topic of together in mind. 

S worked on a beautiful woven piece. 
She worked on it for many week, in group and at home. Her patience was impressive!

B explored working with a ball of string. 
It was a mixture of enactment and installation!

Others joined in...

We intended to make a giant pom pom...

But it became more like a mop - seen here incorporated into V's outfit. 

K made personalise tiles for everyone. 
She used the collaged fabric swatches created previously as creative inspiration.

On our last day of term outfits were fitted and we met at the table for our creative feast. 

We were treated to performances, live and recorded.

Viewed creations

and enjoyed a few treats.

Together we feasted on creativity.
How nourishing and filling it was!

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