Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kids Create - meet the artists and their work

Since I have struggled to find time to post, I decided to invite the Kids Create artists to create their own postings. The idea is that each week they will take one or two photographs of their work and share a few words in a post. To make things even more exciting (than posting on the web!) they have selected artist tag names. It was a lively discussion coming to these with many options and variations noted on the whiteboard, before final selections were made. It is therefore with great pleasure that I introduce you to Queen Sparkles (who likes sparkly things plus many many creative modalities), Copyright (who tells lots of really good stories), The Queen of All the Animals That Rides Whales (who loves all animals), Mini Magpie (who loves finding little things) and Colourful Fabric (who loves fabric, in particular spots, stripes and flowers). We had three artist's away today, so hopefully next week you will meet them also. Here is what they have to say and show.

Queen Sparkles say: 
This is Santa Claus. Amanda and I are going to work on it together. 
Copyright and I cut out these squares into rectangles, for her project.

Copyright says: 
I am renovating the rubber hotel.

The Queen of All the Animals that Rides Whales says:
I am making munchkin the pumpkin the king of sweet town in emerald city!!!!!

Mini Magpie says: 
This world is for little people

Colourful fabric says:
I've been working on two different style artist's book.

That is it from us this week. Stay tuned for next week's instalment :)

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