Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sharing our creative making

Another week at Kids Create. We had a couple of artists away and a couple return. I also realised that it is not the whole of Kids Create without ALL of us posting - myself and my wonderful volunteers included - so we all now have our artist names (well nearly all of us, Noah will tell us his next week, when he returns).

Here is what we have been up to...

Miss Maker shares :
(some of her work from today - there was more!)

I have made a Farm and I am happy that Little Sparrow is helping me.

Kopyright shares :
(note refinement to artist name 'C' changed to 'K')

Today I made a snake with salt dough.

The Queen of All The Animals That Rides Whales shares :
(her developing performance piece)

I am a servant girl, who lives in the attic (it is very sad).

I have to clean King Munchkin the Pumpkin of Sweet Town's  room and get bossed around by him. 

I am waiting to finish my magic whale so I can ride away.

Mini Magpie shares :
(two projects from today)

Today I made a snake with dough and I started another little world.

Pickuttue shares:
(we were so busy picking a name and writing the text,
that we forgot to take a photo of her cup! But friends are certainly captured)

I learnt how to make dough and I made a cup. 
I also helped my friends make dough.

Queen Sparkles shares :
(the idea of making salt dough! thanks :)

I made a pizza with salt dough. I am going to paint it. 
I helped Mini Magpie and Miss Maker do their salt doughs.

(named by the girls)

Stitching stitching stitching, a whale and button.

Little Sparrow shares :

My favourite part of today, watching 2 young artists share what they had just learnt with their peers. They facilitated the process beautifully. 

There were beautiful smiles around the table and lots of laughter. 
The multiple cleaning of the table and floor afterwards, was well worth it.


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