Friday, December 26, 2014

Special Christmas message from Kids Create


Miss Maker, Kopyright, Mini Magpie, Pickuttue, Colourful Fabric, Queen Sparkles, Flowering Wool spent a busy last day of term (6th Dec), at Kids Create, finishing off projects.

Painting the salt dough snake.

Completing our collaborative Santa.

Creating a large creative piece. 

All salt dough pieces painted.

Christmas decoration - tested on a living 'christmas tree' model. 

Working on a template for a new book art piece. 

Along with Em-the-awesome, Mista Beat and myself, Little Sparrow, we all needed to focus and work efficiently, so we had time to make snow! 

Yes, snow, in Melbourne in December!!

We had a lot of fun mixing up bicarb and conditioner, to a snow-like consistancy. As we mixed we talked about our snow experiences. Some had never seen real snow, others had gone with family to the mountains to see it. I told of growing up in a town where it snowed in winter and school was sometimes cancelled (because the snow was too heavy).

Once the snow was formed we went about creating our Christmas scene, incorporating the snow and 3D objects from the materials box. After a bit of discussion it started to take form, beginning with a Christmas tree.

We had a melting snowman...

Some presents...

A snow sled and it's owner, skilfully crafted out of cups. 

Sled marks were left in the snow.

alongside footprints. 

Our Santa turned elf was added.

And we all wish you a very

and a safe and happy New Year.

See you in 2015!

Once again a very big thank you to my wonderful volunteers. 
THANK YOU to Noah who has been an absolute delight to work alongside all year, to Em who returned to us after her exams had finished, and to Kerry-Anne who joined us for a few weeks. You have each added so much to the young artist's experiences and to the energy of the group. 
We are so very grateful!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A hive of creativity

Our second to last session at Kids Create. There was a buzz of activity to finish projects !  Noah was back from his break and the kids helped him create his artist name. Since a part of his artistic life is as a musician, they came up with Mista Beat. What a great name. One of our young artist's also returned back to the group, having been away on an overseas trip. She also created her artist name, inspired by her love of textiles - Flowering wool. Another great name !

Here is just a little snippet of what we got up to. There were other works completed during the day, but these are the ones the artist's have selected to share with you . . .

Miss Maker shares :

Mista Beat helped me put the sticks in the wool and make the orange paint. (Which) I already knew how to do but I liked being helped. (And) I enjoy making things because Little Sparrow smiles at my work.

Kopyright shares :

I have made a rubber queen and a Christmas tree.

(Queen Sparkles provides assistance)

The Queen of All The Animals That Rides Whales shares :

I practiced my performance and (in it) munchkin the pumpkin is very mean.

(As she is away next week her whale has gone with them to a family gathering - with the hope that her grandmother will work with her to complete the stitching. Wonderful!)

Mini Magpie shares :

I made a necklace for my mum.

Pickuttue shares:

I made a pencil case and it was really easy to make.

Colourful fabric shares:

I finished my artist's book.

Queen Sparkles shares :

I had the idea of making a gift shop, it's got a chimney. I worked with Kopyright.

Flowering wool shares : 

I made a doll for my friend.

As Little Sparrow, I share my memory of looking up midway through the session to see all artist's deeply engaged in their projects. There was a little group working together, making suggestions, helping out. Others were content working solo, in little pockets of the room. Noah and I were sitting with artists, lending a hand where needed, hearing stories, sharing stories. At times there was laughter and chatter, other times silence. What a wonderfully creative space to be in ! 

I also later discovered this photo, taken by one of the artists, on my iPad. It appears she knows more than I do - I have no idea how / what filter she used to get it (I must ask next week). It makes me reflect on how these fantastic young artists constantly inspire and surprise me. From their art making explorations, their use of different materials, their topics of conversation, their resilience and their honesty. I am so very fortunate to see so many different perspectives. 

Have a great week.