Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catching up on 2015

What a year it was. Working on my Professional Doctorate meant that time slipped out of my fingers, when it came to updating this blog.

I had 4 wonderful terms at Sussex Neighbourhood House with Kids Create in 2015. But, as the year came to a close I realised my need to spend time on my Doctorate. For 2016 the group is now in the hands of the gorgeous Melodie Radatti. Melodie is supported by Ana Elicegui, equally as wonderful. Both are students at Miecat, so I feel both confident and proud that the group will become what it needs to, whilst maintaining the intention of the group - to nurture creativity.

A massive thank you to all the young creatives and their families who have supported my programs over the years. I have always been touched by the generosity of spirit and encouragement offered. What a community! A big thank you also to those who donated materials, what excitement when we would open bags and creatively explore what was given.

Lastly - but not least - thank you to Sussex Neighbourhood House. To Sue Harris, my first House Manager, for believing and trusting in me from day one, with the mixed media group, through to children's groups. Next followed Suzanne Phoenix  (House Manager) - what fun we had developing creative ideas, events, exhibitions, workshops. Suzanne's passion for the arts matched mine perfectly - thanks for the creative companionship and wonderful opportunities! To Leigh Cook and Alex Fletcher-Hoerner you guys kept everything ticking along and again were always supportive and encouraging - thank you. To all my volunteer assistants - thank you for your time, openness and willingness to go with the emergence.

Better get back to the Doctorate now, I can hear it calling.

In gratitude
Amanda x

(Aka Little Sparrow)