As a trained Creative Arts Therapist (MA by Supervision ECAT) and mixed media artist, I am passionate about sharing and making the arts accessible to all, regardless of ability or gathered skills. Given the opportunity and support, every one of us can benefit from the self-expression, growth and well-being, that ‘being- in’ the arts-making process can bring.

I guide an arts-based inquiry (inquiry: a close examination of a matter in a search for information) to explore and gently unfold “what matters”, for an individual or community. This approach acknowledges and honours the personal experiences that we bring to the space, the ‘canvas’. I am (a creative arts) ‘companion’ to the ‘inquirer’ on a their personal journey as we enter into very unique stories, using the arts as our foundation.

For as long as I remember, the arts have been an important part of my life. In my youth I danced, played musical instruments, ‘stitched’ with my grandmother, drew and painted with my grandfather. As a professional I have worked in design studios, art galleries, neighbourhood houses, with community groups and individuals, always with the arts having an ‘upfront view’.

Also in view is a sustainable approach to art-making and the materials used to ‘create’. I always consider the environmental, social and economical aspects involved. This includes using non-toxic materials, reusing, recycling and being aware of consumption to avoid waste, where possible. I value highly the social aspect of group work and the relationship created when working with another.  It is important to me, to continue to explore the 'best' approaches to sustainable arts-making practices – I welcome your feedback.

I am a registered Arts Therapist with ANZATA (AThR).

In 2013 I entered the Professional Doctorate program at The MIECAT Institute. I am inquiring into how the arts may (or may not) support individuals living with post-operative chronic pain.

All of our creative paths and destinations are different, naturally. It is my hope that this space informs and inspires you or your community’s creative itinerary. There is so much to gain in sharing our stories, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

Travel safely, Amanda.