Holding Spaces

Holding Spaces are little 'crochet' spaces that I create to hold life stories. I am hesitant to use the word crochet as my ability to follow a pattern or stitch is near zero, but I can (as is the definition of crochet) 'pull loops through other loops and wrap the material around the hook one or more times'. I never plan the spaces, but let them form naturally, the story they hold slowly emerges in my hands. Then through a short piece of writing or poetry I come to know more about the Space and what it holds. To me these are very precious places.


There are currently no planned Holding Space workshops.
However, please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.


Delicate Life
Silk threads and a part of the beautiful tree from my old backyard, 2013

Stella Mountjouris Art Acquisition Award
2013 recipient 

Artist's reflection
It was a great privilege and honour to receive the Miecat 'Stella award' for this year. It was also very emotional. Stella was my first Miecat companion. I attended evening groups at her home to meet and come to know my inner child, back in 2006. She was a beautiful human-being, full of generosity and spirit. Sadly Stella passed away during the first year of my Graduate Diploma. For the past 3 years I have entered the award not with a focus on 'winning', but instead looking back on the year and wondering what I would tell Stella, if she was still here. This year I hesitated entering. My piece was very personal and overfull with grief and loss. It tells of the pain and sadness of losing my loyal companion, Vivo, my beautiful dog, to cancer at Easter. Then of having to leave my home due to structural damage (to be demolished) in the months following Vivo's passing. For such a little piece it holds so much. Please handle with care x





Poetic statement

You hang precariously by a thread, 
as if waiting for the wind to blow.
My world is tipped upside down,
what I thought to be solid 
quickly moves beyond my hold.

We spent many a happy day under this tree, 
watching its leaves change,
go green, golden, crunchy,
then change.

This tree is soon to be gone,
just like you.
Some days...
some days I forget you.
Not completely but life goes on. 
Then I stop, I remember,
I shed a tear.
My memories are held 
in a precious place
in my heart.
Then you are gone. 

Rest in peace my dear friend, 
I thank you for the sweetest companionship. 

The pain, the loss, the grief, 
a reminder of lifes
delicate threads. 

Something we all share.

MoreArt 2012
‘A Neighbourhood Holding Space’, 2012
created by our artistic community collective
To view our stories and Holding Spaces:
MoreArt 2012 Sussex Neighbourhood House

From Migration to Integration
Silk thread, wool and paint, 2011

Artist statement
In this piece the artist explores her own experiences of family history and ‘life lived’ through migration (of her ancestors) into the integration she sees today (in herself & her generation).
Using the Miecat form of Inquiry she knotted, wove and wrote her way into exploring and coming to know the difficulties, differences and celebrations surrounding this part of her life story.
Although a personal account Amanda has come to see a pattern which (she believes) still continues today with recent arrivals from foreign (‘less desirable’) shores. The same caution and indifference her ancestors experienced when they arrived in New Zealand from Lebanon, 100 years before...

{full view}

{close-up of 'migration'}

{close-up 'integration'}

Poetic statement
From migration ~
You arrive full of expectation, of dreams held, of stories told.
But when you arrive it is different.
You are different. You are looked upon differently, {yet we are all the same}
your clothing is different, your food is strange.

Their food is strange. 

Where are the ingredients, to make this place your home?

What you have gone through to get here, I will never be able to comprehend.
Leaving behind those you love,
{you may never see them again}.
Too many have experienced unspeakable acts of cruelty by others. 
Too common are these acts. 

But in time communities build, they change, they shift.
Your ancestors, on this land. {our land}

What holds them is made up of shifting patterns, a few gaps, a mingling of colours. 

The centre {which we cannot see} is knotted hard together, to 'keep it together'.
It is a little uneven, a bit murky, unclear. This has gone before, what we cannot see, we hear.

As the layers fold, what is held becomes softer, almost whimsical.
Held gently, a soft, complex, beautiful outer is formed.
It flows from one colour to the next
~ to integration. 


  1. Wow. this is so touching. As a refugee and now australian citizen who has been here for almost 30 years, I cried. Thinking of my parents and what they went through. Thinking of the current wave of new australians and what they are going through...

    1. Thank you for your response. Often you do not know how others will be touched by the art or hear the story behind it / woven into it - thank you. I wish you and your families all the best.

  2. These are really gorgeous. Alien forms made from familiar material. Supernatural geodes.
    Are you familiar with Ruth Hadlows work?? you may like

  3. Kat thank you! I am so inspired by Ruth Hadlow's work on so many levels - now that you have introduced me to her. I am part way through reading the 'patternbook' and find myself going 'yes, yes, yes'! How exciting.

  4. Here is the link to Ruth Hadlow's patternbook, which I found very inspiring.